Anura Designs was established in 2011 by Tanu Saini to push the conventional boundaries of designing. The goal was to introduce new and refreshing designs in the Indian landscape. Seamless transitions from one partition to other without compromising the functionality of a space have become the trademark of the company since. Whether it is providing a complete sensory experience in the role of a Cafe Interior Designer or using the right combination of colours, textures and geometric shapes when essaying the role of an Office Interior Designer, our company has shown great flexibility and versatility in the different projects.

Design Philosophy

Our basic philosophy always remains the same. Transforming the global with a deft touch of local is the foundational value of our company. Designs come out naturally when we start to familiarize ourselves with the forces of the space. Both the area and the environment contribute to the final design. Our designs are characterized by a flawless interplay between the exterior and interior of the space. These designs are also as layered as our clients. Each layer unfolds to bring out something new and exciting so that the overall structure never gets old.

Diverse Practice

Our services are not limited to a single niche or space. We are diverse in our skills and services. This is why we don’t let any opportunity get away from us. Whether it is a residential space or a commercial one, our designers have the right experience and expertise to breathe new life into it. Our Interior Designing Services are recognized for this flexibility. As a Showroom Interior Designer, we have helped countless clients in exhibiting their products in the best way possible.